There's a Rumor That Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Will Reunite at a Festival

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    • But co-organizer Emily Eavis said no, it's not happening.

        Ummmm, this would have been so exciting! Even though Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have officially denied any rumors of a romance, rumors and speculation have continued to fly. Since Irina Shayk and Bradley are now officially over, those rumors have gone into overdrive—and there were reports that the acting and singing duo might reunite at the upcoming Glastonbury Festival this week in the U.K.

        Months ago, Bradley said he wanted to do a live reading of the movie with all the songs, and in that same interview he explained that they actually filmed scenes from the movie at Glastonbury, so this would make even more sense.

        Radio host Edith Bowman explained, "I may know one [surprise act], I can't possibly say. On my podcast I had Bradley Cooper talking about A Star is Born, and when I spoke to him I was like 'I just want to see you guys do a gig, you know play it live.'"

        "He was like, 'Well we have been talking to Nick [Dewey] and Emily Eavis about it, we'd do the Park Stage.' And I said 'That would be amazing!' Bradley Cooper and Gaga doing the Park Stage."

        But Emily Eavis, who is co-organizer of the festival, immediately tweeted out a denial, breaking the hearts of A Star Is Born fans everywhere:

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        I will say, if it were a "secret" set, a denial would make sense so that it could remain secret, but also, I might just be reading too much into it. I would looooove to see Lady Gaga and Bradley reunite in some form—and you can bet I'd be watching their body language like crazy.

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