Bradley Cooper Wants to Give Fans 'A Star Is Born' Live Reading with Lady Gaga

The passion for the songs and romance of A Star Is Born has only gotten stronger amongst fans. In particular, people totally stan the chemistry between the film's two stars, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Bradley went on The Ellen DeGeneres show, and Ellen asked what a lot of fans are asking right now: Will Bradley and Gaga go on tour?

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The passion for the songs and romance of A Star Is Born has only gotten stronger among fans. In particular, people totally stan the chemistry between the film's two stars, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who have gushed over each other for years now at this point and set everyone's TV screen on fire with a sultry, raw performance of the iconic "Shallow" at the 2019 Oscars. Bradley went on The Ellen DeGeneres show (airing today), and host Ellen DeGeneres asked what a lot of fans are asking right now: Will Bradley and Gaga go on tour?

"I mean, no," Cooper replied with a laugh, likely breaking the hearts of everyone watching. "But what I thought would be a cool thing to do, maybe one night, would be like a live reading of the script and sing all the songs as we read the script, like at the Hollywood Bowl or something."

Um, I'm pretty sure fans would line up around the block to catch a glimpse of the show, and watch the recording if ever there was one, solely to catch a glimpse of the soulful singing one more time. 

Even though he doesn't plan on any more live performances, Bradley also did reflect back on some of the live concerts that he, as well as Lady Gaga, shot as part of the movie, including a crowd of 80,000 at Glastonbury. "We had four minutes. I sang 'Maybe It's Time' twice," he said.

"[The audience] couldn't hear it because we never played anything through the PA system...because we couldn't release the music before the movie came out," he added. Could you even imagine just swaying along to Bradley Cooper mouthing words silently on stage? That would be the most surreal experience of all time, in my mind.

Bradley also dished some more about that Oscars performance. He obviously didn't look worried, but it was apparently quite tough for him.

"I actually wasn't nervous, because I worked so hard, and Lady Gaga is so supportive. But it was terrifying," he said. "Because I'm not a singer and I didn't sing before this movie, so it was really crazy."

"But it just shows you that if you work really hard, and you're with supportive people, you can do things that you never dreamed possible," he added.

That Oscars video has now been viewed nearly 89 million times, so I'm pretty sure people would be very excited for another live performance from the two stars. 

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