Queen Elizabeth Trolled a Group of Tourists Who Didn't Know Who She Was and I've Never Been Happier

This is SO good 😂.

The Queen, Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Poundbury
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Even though royalty comes with a ton of perks (see: the palaces, the jewels, and the VIP status), being the head of the English monarchy and English church sounds like a pretty intense job that requires Queen Elizabeth to be serious most of the time—after all, she is representing the entire United Kingdom, NBD!

Which is why it's so delightful when we get stories about Queen E having a good sense of humor—like remember when she was gifted a fake hand-waving machine and absolutely loved it? Well, according to the Independent, her former protection officer Richard Griffin recently shared an *amazing* story about a time when Queen Elizabeth totally trolled a group of tourists who didn't recognize her.

Apparently one time when he and the Queen were walking near the Balmoral Estate, a group of American tourists approached them and asked if she lived in the area. The Queen, who was "wearing a headscarf and tweed coat" responded by saying that yes, she had a house nearby. The group then asked if she had ever met the Queen, and she responded by saying, "No," and then pointed to Richard and said, "But he has." And then the group left, not realizing who they had been talking to. LOL!!

I have no idea how Richard stopped himself from laughing at that moment (I'm howling just reading this story), but also no idea how the group didn't recognize Queen Elizabeth, an international icon whose face is literally everywhere.

So now Elizabeth is not only the Queen of England, she's also the Queen of trolling clueless tourists. What a legend.

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