Katie Holmes Appears to Be on a Road Trip Based on Her Latest Instagram Pictures

Katie Holmes shared a series of Instagram pictures that appear to have been taken from a car window.

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  • If her latest set of Instagram posts are any indication, Katie Holmes is currently road tripping.
  • The actress posted seven new Instagram photos on Saturday morning, many of which appeared to have been taken from the inside of a movie vehicle.
  • The photos include shots of blurred landscapes and moments of the sun rising against rural backdrops. After the most road trip-y pics, Katie shared a closeup photo of a flower and a closeup shot of a bundle of grapes with a mention of Dom Pérignon in the caption.

If there were formal Instagram awards, Katie Holmes would deserve one for "Most Unique/DGAF Photography."

The actress doesn't 'Gram like most celebs, with behind-the-scenes shots meant to highlight just how glamorous (but, somehow, simultaneously normal and down-to-earth) her life is. She uses Instagram less like a celebrity and more like your quirky, artsy cousin who marches to the beat her own drum and genuinely just doesn't care what people think or how many likes a photo gets.

Case-in-point: Katie took to the 'Gram this morning to share a string of nature and landscape photos that appear to have been taken from the window of a moving vehicle.

The overall vibe of the pictures screams "ROAD TRIP," but, in typical Katie "Your Quirky Cousin" Holmes fashion, she didn't really give any clues about her location or weekend plans in the captions or tags.

First, there was this picture of a rural sunrise, captioned simply, "🙏."

Then, Katie shared this blurred-by-motion shot of fields in the early morning light (caption: "☀️."):

Next up, blurry trees captioned with an old school emoticon, ":)" :

And then more sunrise photos, this time with the silhouettes of plants against the gorgeous background:

A few hours later, Katie returned to Instagram, first with a quintessential Katie Holmes photo—a closeup shot of a flower:

Next, Katie shared a much higher quality photo of grapes and offered the first clue of her whereabouts in the caption, "Harvest season @domperignonofficial."

A post from Prince Charles Henri Lobkowicz seems to confirm that Katie's trip took place in France and included a visit to Dom Pérignon.

"🥂🍾 with Katie Holmes at Dom Perignon @katieholmes212 thank you for such a fabulous day," he wrote.

Katie's last shot (as of this writing) from her photo tour suggests that the whole thing was basically a religious experience:

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