Kylie Jenner Showed Off Her Natural Hair in a Post-Shower Instagram Story

Kylie Jenner shared a look at her real hair with fans in a post-shower Instagram Story video.

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Kylie Jenner is constantly changing her look, and that includes every-evolving hair. Most of the reality star and Kylie Cosmetics makeup mogul's hairstyles for the last several years, have been the work of her extensive wig collection, though.

This week, however, Kylie gave fans a rare look at her natural hair. In an Instagram Story video she filmed just after stepping out of the shower, Kylie showed off her dark, wet, shoulder-length hair.

"Haven't had my real hair this long since I was 15," she revealed in a caption written on the clip.

In the video, the 22-year-old star pans up and down (while wrapped in nothing but a white towel) and even holds a strand of her hair out by the end to how just how long it's gotten.

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Thankfully, Kylie fans captured the Insta Story video. Check it out below:

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