Kylie Jenner Dressed in a Very 'Hunger Games'-esque Body Suit on Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted several new pictures to Instagram showing off her body in a sexy, skin-tight Hunger Games-inspired body suit.

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Kylie Jenner (opens in new tab) loves a good ~lewk~ and she was definitely feeling her Saturday vibes, if her trio of Instagram posts about it are any indication.

The reality star and Kylie Cosmetics beauty mogul (opens in new tab) shared several photos (seven in total, spread out across three Instagram posts) of a grey, checkered body suit that came complete with intense Hunger Games vibes.

Kylie obviously (opens in new tab) wasn't spending her Saturday fighting other reality stars and Instagram influencers to the death in a dystopian battle arena (although, now that that image is in your head, try thinking of anyone who could be her if she were). Seriously, the body suit bears a striking resemblance to what Jennifer Lawrence (opens in new tab) and the other tributes wear in the arena in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (opens in new tab).

For reference, Kylie's look:

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And Katniss' arena wetsuit:

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Okay, now back to Kylie (opens in new tab).

Kylie's grey body suit day began with mimosas with Spanish singer Rosalía (opens in new tab) in Los Angeles:

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The mimosa party (opens in new tab) pics were followed by two different photo shoot moments for the OOTD—one in a lush, cozy chair in a library-like room and another in a futuristic-looking tiled locale:

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In most of the pics, Kylie paired (opens in new tab) the body suit with a long, knee-length black jacket trimmed with silver stud details. In the final shot of her last gallery, however, she lost the jacket, showing off the body suit (and the curves it hugged tight to) in its full glory:

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Definitely a three post outfit.

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