Kensington Palace's New Photo of Kate Middleton for Her Birthday Is Absolutely Stunning

In order to commemorate Kate Middleton's birthday today, Kensington Palace released a never-before-seen photo of the Duchess of Cambridge. The photo appears to be from 2018 at Anmer Hall.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Joins Family Action To Mark New Patronage
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  • In order to commemorate Kate Middleton's birthday today, Kensington Palace released a never-before-seen photo of the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • The photo appears to be from 2018 at Anmer Hall, with Kate dressed casually in a gray sweater and skinny jeans.
  • Kate celebrated this past weekend with family and friends, as well as a fab fedora.

Kate Middleton, who's got a lot going on in her family lately, turns 38 today. The Royal Family pivoted from all the Meghan-Markle-Prince-Harry drama to wish the Duchess a happy birthday and, in the case of Kensington Palace, share a new, never-before-seen photo of Kate at the Cambridge's country home of Anmer Hall.

UPDATE: Meghan and Harry commented on the Instagram photo of Kate with the caption, "Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duchess of Cambridge today! 🎂❤️" so, you know, everything is fine there, I guess?

According to Daily Mail, Kate's recycling her Fjallraven "Ovik" Re-Wool Sweater (sadly I don't see it available for sale, but if that changes I'll update the post) with classic skinny jeans. She likes that brand and wore one of their green army jackets in 2018 that is shoppable, FYI. It's speculated that this was also the same photoshoot as the Cambridges' royal Christmas card in 2018, which looks like the same outfit.

The pic was taken by royal photographer Matt Porteous, who also shared the pic on his Instagram to wish Kate a happy birthday. Per HELLO!, "Matt famously took Prince Louis' christening shots, Prince George's birthday snaps and the family's Christmas cards in the past years."

Kate quietly got back to work yesterday, meeting with Early Years at Kensington Palace. Her first joint outing with Prince William will be on January 15 to support the community of Bradford. TBD on how she's actually spending her birthday (she celebrated this past weekend with family and friends), but I feel like today she'll probably prefer to commemorate the event quietly, at home, and hopefully drama-free.

Here's the tweet:

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And the birthday wishes from around the Royal Family:

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So sweet.

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(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

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