The Queen's Corgis Have Their Own Footmen and Elaborate Personal Menus, Apparently

According to the Queen's former chef, Darren McGrady, the royal corgis have their own footmen and eat from an elaborate a la carte menu.

  • According to former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady, the Queen's beloved pet corgis receive some truly pampered treatment.
  • In a new YouTube video this week, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that he was expected to cook for the Queen's pets, as well as the royal family.
  • The corgis also have their own footmen, McGrady said, known as Doggie 1 and Doggie 2.

In my next life, I hope I'm reincarnated as one of the Queen's corgis. These royal pups enjoy some truly next-level pampering—even by human standards.

In a new video posted to YouTube this week, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed just how special the treatment these doggos receive. For example, the royal chef cooks for them, too.

"I didn’t expect to be cooking for the Queen’s dogs, when I started working at Buckingham Palace. I thought I was going to be cooking for kings, queens and presidents. I did eventually, but one of the first jobs I had was cooking for the corgis—the Royal Corgis—making fresh food every day," he explained. "[The corgis had] their own menu."

McGrady, who worked on the Queen's staff at Buckingham Palace for 15 years, says he was expected to go the extra mile in preparing the corgis' menu, which included rabbit, chicken, liver, beef, cabbage and rice.

"The most important part of the meat was everything had to be cut into a fine dice…to be sure there were no bones at all in the meat," McGrady said. "Imagine if any of the dogs were to choke on the—I’d be in real trouble."

Royal dogs aren't just pampered at meal times though. They also get the royal treatment when it's time to turn in for the night.

"They sleep in like little wicker baskets in the corgi room and looked after by two footman called Doggie 1 and Doggie 2, that’s what they called them," McGrady said of the royal corgis' luxe palace accommodations.

Is it pathetic to be jealous of a dog? Asking for a friend.

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