Royal Biography Confirms Meghan Markle Broke Tradition by Giving Her Own Wedding Speech

    • We still don't know exactly what was said, but we do know that it was a (probably pretty minor) break with royal wedding tradition.

        When Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry in 2018 (still thinking about that day gives me chills, TBH), there were tons of rumors and speculation about how the event was different, how it included so many unique little touches that the couple had planned for their big event. And now, as confirmed in the new biography Finding Freedom and reported by HELLO!, Meghan did in fact give her own speech—breaking with royal tradition, apparently.

        I for sure did not know this before, but per HELLO!, "Typically, English royal weddings include a speech from the best man, the host and occasionally the groom, but rarely the bride." But the reception (and after-after-party) of the Sussexes' royal wedding was epic in about 30 different ways, so I'm honestly not surprised by this at all. And frankly, to state the obvious, the reception was carefully planned, and it's therefore appropriate to assume that the Royal Family signed off on the move.

        There was speculation in 2018 that Meghan did, in fact, give a speech in which she thanked the Royal Family for welcoming her (which now seems kind of sad, knowing everything we know now). Us Weekly also reported at the time that Meghan thanked mom Doria Ragland, not mentioning her dad and all that drama. She even apparently obliquely referenced her first marriage, telling Harry that finding love was "worth the wait." Finding Freedom didn't dive into exactly what was said, but considering Harry and William both gave warm and funny speeches too (and the fact that Meghan's a great speaker), it probably fit in well.

        On the one-year anniversary of the wedding, Harry and Meghan shared behind-the-scenes video of their special day:

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        And, although we didn't get a close-up of Meghan's speech (ugh, if only!), it provided even more detail that we hadn't seen before.

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