Prince Harry Would Be "Quite Sad" If He Watched the New Season of 'The Crown' According to His Friends

According to Prince Harry's friends, the royal would be "quite sad" if he watched the fourth season of The Crown, which dramatizes his parents' relationship.

  • The fourth season of Netflix's hit drama, The Crown, premiered earlier this month and the new season introduced a new character: Princess Diana.
  • Even though there's been speculation in the past the Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, had watched some of the royal drama's earlier seasons together, his friends say he almost definitely won't watch the new season of The Crown. 
  • "The feeling is that the latest series would actually be quite sad for them to watch," a source close to Harry told Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl

The fourth season of Netflix's hit royal dramaThe Crown, is streaming now, but don't expect Prince Harry to watch it. Even though it's been speculated that Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, watched earlier seasons of the series together, Harry's friends say that watching the newest installment would just be too much for him.

Why? Well, because Season 4 of The Crown has introduced a new character: Lady Diana Spencer aka Princess Diana aka Harry's late mother. The most recent season of the drama is delving into the early years—and eventual breakdown—of Diana's relationship with Harry's father, Prince Charles.

A source close to Harry told Vanity Fair that watching the dramatized version of his late mother would just be too hard for Harry. 

"Harry has seen the trailers for series four but I can’t see him watching it," the source close to Harry told Vanity Fair's royal correspondent Katie Nicholl. "The feeling is that the latest series would actually be quite sad for [Harry and his older brother, Prince William] to watch."

Will, for his part, reportedly also has "no desire" to watch the season, which even includes an infant version of himself.


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