Prince Louis Adorably Wore Prince George's Hand-Me-Down Jacket This Month

Who wore it best?

Prince Louis
(Image credit: AARON CHOWN)
  • During the Cambridge family's recent outing to see a Christmas Panto at London's Palladium Theatre, Prince Louis wore a very familiar blue jacket.
  • The jacket is a hand-me-down from Louis' older brother, Prince George, who first wore it three years ago to the Queen's annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace.
  • The Redwink jacket from Amaia is made from boiled Austrian wool and is still available to shop.

Being a member of the royal family definitely comes with some glamorous perks, including amazing clothes. For the royal kids, however, there are still some days when they have to step out in hand-me-downs. Of course, those hand-me-downs are from the glamorous royal wardrobes of their older relatives, so it's not so bad.

Like lots of youngest kids, Prince William and Kate Middleton's youngest son, Prince Louis, has worn his fair share of hand-me-down items. Earlier this month, the Cambridge family stepped out for a Christmas Panto at London's Palladium Theatre, hosted by The National Lottery, and Louis re-wore one of his older brother's cutest coats.

Louis wore a blue, Redwink jacket from Amaia, which is made from boiled Austrian wool. Prince George first wore out three years ago for the Queen's annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace.

Here's Louis, strutting his stuff in the jacket on the red carpet this month:

Prince Louis

(Image credit: AARON CHOWN)

And here's George, wearing the jacket three years ago in the car arriving for Christmas lunch with the Queen:

Prince William and Prince George

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

The truly adorable jacket retails for £85 (about $115) and is still available to shop for the little prince in your life, if you're interested.

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