Fans Spot Never-Before-Seen Pic of Cambridge Kids in Background of William and Kate's Zoom

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In case you hadn't noticed, Prince William and Kate Middleton are very specific about the photos they release of their kids. Royal fans usually get new pics on birthdays and at Christmas, but other than that Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis lead relatively private lives (save for the occasional public appearance!).

However, eagle-eyed followers noticed a never-before-seen picture of what looks to be George and Charlotte in the background of Kate and William's recent Zoom, and it's so cute! By which I mean so blurry!

Here's the Zoom in question:

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And there's the picture in the background:

Kate and Willam pictures

(Image credit: Instagram)

As Us Weekly notes, George seems to be wearing a camouflage shirt in this photo, indicating it might have been taken around the same time as his birthday shoot this past summer—where this adorable pic was snapped:

Here's to hoping the Cambridges release the actual photo in all its cute glory!

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