Meghan Markle's Face "Lights Up" When Prince Harry Walks in the Room, Melissa McCarthy Says

How lovely.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry
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Well, here's some news to thaw my cold, cold heart: Meghan Markle apparently "lights up" when her husband Prince Harry walks in the room.

This much-welcome nugget comes courtesy of actress Melissa McCarthy, who joined forces with Markle to film her 40th birthday video, which launched the Archewell 40x40 mentoring initiative.

McCarthy recently spoke to Lorraine's Ross King alongside her The Starling costar Chris O'Dowd. After discussing the movie for a bit, King moved on to much more pressing matters, asking McCarthy whether Chris O'Dowd was "funnier than Prince Harry juggling"—which he did as a gag during the 40x40 video.

Prince Harry

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"I mean, they're different, glorious traits, you know," she said. "It's apples and, you know, orangutans. They're both my favorites."

O'Dowd then jumped in with this classic line: "There's this funny video of me juggling Harry." That I would pay to see.

Refusing to pit the two men against each other, even in jest, McCarthy instead turned the conversation to what she saw of the Sussexes' relationship. "You know what was so cute is when I could tell when he walked in, 'cause we were talking and she went, 'oh hiii!' and her whole face lit up and I was like, 'did Prince Harry just walk in the room and like her whole face...' I just thought it was like so sweet and genuine, and then he ducked his head in and he was like, 'is it weird if I juggle?' I was like, 'it sure is!'"

Yes. Love this. Adorable. Thanks to everyone involved.

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