Hailey Bieber Refused to "Give Up On" Husband Justin During His "Worst Time"

She was in their marriage for better and for worse.

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We all know that marriage isn't easy—even if it's just from hearing other people say it—but Hailey Bieber was truly thrown into the deep end at the beginning of her marriage to husband Justin.

The model and singer recently got candid about what sounds like a really trying time during a joint appearance on the "In Good Faith with Chelsea & Judah Smith" podcast.

"I remember I called (my mom) a few different times, one particular time [when] we were in Brooklyn and I was calling her, crying, and I was like, 'I just can’t do it. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to do this if it’s going to be like this forever,'" Hailey said (via Us Weekly). "And I just remember she was so calm on the phone and she was like, 'It’s going to pass, you’re going to be fine and he’s going to be healthy and we’re here for you.'"

She added, "But I also just think I was in it. I made a decision. I know for a fact that I’ve loved this person for a very long time and now would not be the time to give up on him. I just wouldn’t do that to him."

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Justin was going through a particularly difficult time and struggling quite badly with his mental health. "Imagine abandoning somebody in the middle of the worst time of their life, potentially," Hailey said. "I’m not that type of a person. So I was going to stick it out no matter what the outcome was going to be. It was really hard. … There were days where I literally was like, 'I don’t know if he’s going to be OK.' Something really deep down inside of me was like, 'He’s going to be through it.' I just didn’t know how long it was going to take."

The singer is doing better now, and their relationship has been able to grow. "I think it was just time that healed things, just us showing up for each other every day, being consistent, me seeing that she wasn’t going anywhere," Justin said. "I think I had a lot of, like, rejection issues, that I had to just fight through, but just her just continuously showing up every day and being there for me, I just kept seeing that over and over and over. And it just became more secure, and more secure with where [we] were at in our relationship."

The Biebers got married in 2018 and they're not about to give up on each other.


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