CBS Cut to Taylor Swift Just As Jason Kelce Was Chugging a Beer Shirtless

Wrong moment? Or the perfect moment?

Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift has become a fixture at Kansas City Chiefs games, where she cheers on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Well, this Sunday's match against the Buffalo Bills was a little different, as she was joined by her future brother-in-law, Jason Kelce.

Jason brought the fun, as he partied with Bills fans pregame and then turned up the volume in a suite with Swift, his wife Kylie, and his parents.

Despite turning up to a Bills tailgate (and taking a shot out of a bowling bowl), Jason made his allegiance clear, wearing Chiefs colors with Swift.

However, his presence and ahem, celebratory style, led to a bit of an awkward moment during the match.

CBS turned their footage to Swift after Travis' second touchdown to show her celebrating. However, this also caught Jason in the background, shirtless and chugging a beer—not quite the PG-friendly content they had in mind.

Jason definitely knows how to have a good time, and at one point, jumped out of the suite to celebrate among the Bills fans, most of whom were booing him.

Similar to the booing that Swift received as she entered the Buffalo Bills' stadium. Reportedly, there was also booing in venues when footage of Swift was shown.

But as always, Swift kept things classy and was the one smiling when she left arm-in-arm with Travis after the Chiefs beat the Bills 27-24.


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