Joe Alwyn Just Shared a Glimpse Into His Life Post-Taylor Swift

Looks like he's having a nice time!

Joe Alwyn in Cannes
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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up earlier this year after six years together.

Since then, Swift has been extremely busy carrying on with her blockbusting Eras Tour, a spectacular three-hour show which is currently on hiatus until November when it starts up again in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also reportedly enjoyed a brief and casual romance with controversial singer Matty Healy.

Meanwhile, Alwyn has laid characteristically low, only popping out publicly to attend a dinner hosted by Celine's image director Hedi Slimane during the Cannes Film Festival in May.

BUT the Conversations With Friends actor has just come out of the woodwork briefly again to share a somewhat cryptic glimpse into his new single life. Alwyn took to Instagram to share a series of photos that don't really relate to one another—just life, generally. Very Gen Z of him, TBH.

The post included a picture of a cottage by the sea, a throwback one of him as a child using a bow and arrow, footage from a concert, some nature, some seemingly hand-stitched ornaments decorated with flowers and the word "f*ck," a picture of him smiling, one that appears to have been taken in Paris, a drawing of—again—probably Paris, and a hat that says "33" on it. I don't know what that one's about: Alwyn is 32, and Swift is 33, but surely that's nothing worth analyzing.

The actor disabled the comments on the post, which seems wise when you consider the lengths some fandoms are willing to go to in order to swarm those who they believe have hurt their faves—Swifties being number one on that front.

Anyway, if you're hoping for more posts like these in the near future, maybe don't hold your breath, because the last time Alwyn had broken his Instagram silence was in May 2022. Welp. Until next year, Joe!

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