Just In Case You Thought There Was Trouble In Paradise with the Biebers, Let These Photos Speak for Themselves

Divorce rumors? What divorce rumors?

Justin Bieber shares a photo smooching his wife Hailey Bieber on Instagram.
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Well, there's definitely "One Less Lonely Girl" in the Bieber household, and that's Mrs Bieber herself.

Justin Bieber firmly put any and all divorce rumors to rest with his latest Instagram post, which featured photos of him and his wife, Hailey Bieber.

The couple snapped two cozy photos before heading out for a date night in Beverly Hills, where they enjoyed dinner at the upscale Italian restaurant Funke.

Justin is unusually well-dressed, a far cry from the outfits we've seen of him previously. He layered a green shearling jacket over a blue button-down shirt and black pants. The outfit was topped off by his signature backward cap and sneakers.

As for the model and Rhode founder, Hailey wore a trendy black leather trench coat, a cropped t-shirt, and baggy jeans. She brought color to her look with shiny red leather loafers.

Justin looks happier than ever with his wife and captioned the post, "We're cute." (Yes, you are!)

They were also photographed leaving the restaurant, with Justin dutifully carrying a bag of leftovers. Celebrities are truly are just like us, and ask for a doggy bag to-go.

A post shared by Justin Bieber

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Rumors had been swirling about issues in their marriage despite the couple recently celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

The couple looked downcast on a recent outing and walked with some distance between them. Perhaps it was just a lover's tiff, after all. Perhaps it was nothing at all.

Some felt that Hailey's recent posts with friends, and troublesome antics with bestie Kendall Jenner, were hints that trouble was afoot in paradise. Many also assumed a recent TikTok video was the model's way of telling everyone divorce was imminent.

But sometimes a TikTok is just a TikTok, and a pottery class is just a pottery class, as Justin is still calling her "Baby."

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are seen on January 07, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are seen on January 7, 2023 in Los Angeles

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Justin has been busy creating new music and teasing it with shirtless pics. But he's also had to look back at some of his old music, namely to give approval for one of his most famous songs to be used in Aubrey Plaza's newest film.

Plaza stars in My Old Ass as the middle-aged version of the main character Elliott, who meets her college-bound self in a mushroom-induced hallucination.

Another drug-fueled scene has Elliott imagining she is on stage as Justin, singing "One Less Lonely Girl" to an adoring crowd of tweens.

Obviously, the Biebs had to sign off on this, and thank God he did!

My Old Ass is written and directed by Megan Park, and features Maisy Stella of Nashville as the younger version of Elliott. It premiered two weeks ago at the Sundance Film Festival.

Hailey Bieber in a Red Date Night outfit by Ferragamo

Hailey Bieber in a red date night outfit by Ferragamo

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