Meghan Markle Was Filmed Handing a Water Bottle to a Woman Who Was Coughing

Royal fans are loving the sweet gesture.

Britain's Prince Harry Delivers An Address At The U.N. General Assembly
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Meghan Markle has many haters, but thankfully her fans are there to balance the narrative with positive messages about the Duchess of Sussex.

One fan posted a short video from Markle and Prince Harry's appearance at the United Nations on Monday, July 18, on Twitter to set the record straight.

In it, the royal spouses appear to be readying themselves for Harry's speech, with the duke looking pretty nervous and his wife sweetly reassuring him by holding his hand in hers on her lap.

At one point in the video, a woman sat behind them begins to cough, and the duchess offers her a bottle of water from her bag, which the woman gladly accepts.

The Twitter user captioned the video, "To offer your bottle of water to another woman who is coughing tells me more of Duchess Meghan's character, than any hit piece book written about her. #MeghanMarkle #NelsonMandelaDay2022"

When they say "hit piece book," this Sussex fan is presumably referring to Tom Bower's bombshell new biography Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, which hit shelves in the U.K. yesterday and is already making waves among royal watchers.

Bower is known for being extremely critical of his subjects, which have previously counted among them Prince Charles and Simon Cowell.

Bower's reporting is typically fairly factual and accurate (though it's quite hard to prove elements like private conversations, etc.); however, his use of adjectives to describe the duchess paints an especially negative picture of her, which should be taken with a grain of salt if possible.

Iris Goldsztajn
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