Ryan Gosling Rejoins Twitter, Compares Himself to "Bambi on Ice"

"Don't give up hope!"

Ryan Gosling
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You can learn a lot about a person from his Twitter page. For instance, instead of using a photo of his own freakishly attractive face, Ryan Gosling's prof pic is another dude wearing cowboy-looking clothing and two belts.

His whole aesthetic might have gone spooky-sweet—check out the pinky on that Frankenstein (opens in new tab)—but the director of the…unusual-looking movie Lost River (opens in new tab) is still as self-deprecatingly Canadian as ever. See his recent social media spree, during which he tweets just like the dad he has been (opens in new tab) for approximately five months.

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Gosling has been a member of the social media site since February 2011.

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