There Is Nothing Better Than Prince William's Face After His 94-Year-Old Grandpa Says "F*ck"

Another person who is living his best life.

Prince Philip and Prince William
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Prince George will always be my #1 Royal mostly for his squishiness, but Prince Philip, even though he is decidedly bony, has moved up in the ranks because he is a 94-year-old monarch who swears in his grandchildren's presence.

At a Royal Air Force photocall Friday, the Duke of Edinburgh was not having it with those slowpoke photographers, so he said "just take the f*cking picture," stayed for two shots, then got up and left like a boss.

Royals and RAF

It turned out pretty well, actually

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Prince William, who was standing behind his grandpa the entire time, managed to keep a straight-ish face for approximately two seconds before breaking out into the grin we all grin after we've witnessed an authority figure do something naughty.

Prince William


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