There Is Nothing Better Than Prince William's Face After His 94-Year-Old Grandpa Says "F*ck"

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Prince George will always be my #1 Royal mostly for his squishiness, but Prince Philip, even though he is decidedly bony, has moved up in the ranks because he is a 94-year-old monarch who swears in his grandchildren's presence.

At a Royal Air Force photocall Friday, the Duke of Edinburgh was not having it with those slowpoke photographers, so he said "just take the f*cking picture," stayed for two shots, then got up and left like a boss.

It turned out pretty well, actually.

Prince William, who was standing behind his grandpa the entire time, managed to keep a straight-ish face for approximately two seconds before breaking out into the grin we all grin after we've witnessed an authority figure do something naughty.


The video of the event is way too priceless to keep to ourselves, so here you go—Happy Prince Philip Said F*ck Day.

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