Michelle Obama Calls Prince Harry "Prince Charming," Which Could Not Be More Accurate

Their two-person squad is goal-worthy AF.

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Adorable faux rivals Michelle Obama and Prince Harry kicked off the Invictus games (opens in new tab) in Florida (a sporting event for wounded, injured or sick members of the armed forces), and their opening remarks (opens in new tab) were basically a lesson in friendship goals. Behold.

Harry: "Let's cheer for the woman who fought through post traumatic stress and let's celebrate the soldier who was brave enough to get help for his depression...They weren't too tough to admit that they struggled with mental health." 

Michelle: "He is truly our Prince Charming isn't he? He should be proud of himself for his work."

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While we're tempted to throw in a Cinderella joke here ('cause Prince Charming, get it?), all we can do is slow-clap for these two and the great work they're doing.

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