The Trailer for Allison Williams' New Movie Is Scary-but-Necessary Viewing

Racism is horrifying, so prepare to scream.

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The first trailer for Jordan Peele's Get Out is here, and for anyone expecting LOLs, consider this a warning: there are only screams ahead. The comedian's much-anticipated horror film takes on the topic of racism in America, and stars Allison Williams as a white suburbanite who takes her black boyfriend home to visit her parents.

The problem? Her parents seem all kinds of racist. Also an issue? Their town seems to be on a deranged mission to kill/torture black people. The trailer is creepy, will make your skin crawl, and most importantly, will get you thinking about the systemic racism that exists in this country—something that was extremely important to Williams.

Watch the trailer below, and check out the rest of Williams' interview here.

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