This Horror Movie About Polaroid Pictures Might Be the Most Ridiculous Film of 2017

It's like The Ring meets Final Destination meets Instagram.

We need to take a second to talk about Polaroid, which is an actual movie coming out in 2017 about a haunted Polaroid camera.

Yes. Haunted. Polaroid. Camera.

The movie follows a "high school loner" named Bird Fitcher (*sigh*) who finds a vintage Polaroid camera that proceeds to doom her friends to death. A dark, ~mysterious~ shadow starts traveling through the Polaroids, predicting the order of the students' deaths. And if you're thinking, "just destroy the pictures and then you'll totally live and be fine," well...not so much (SPOILER: A CHARACTER TRIES THIS AND STRAIGHT UP CATCHES ON FIRE IN THIS TRAILER).

Words cannot describe how brilliantly ridiculous this movie looks.

Polaroid is set to hit theaters August 25.

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