JFK and Jackie Kennedy's First Year of Marriage In Photos

Rare shots of the political power couple showcase their early life together.

Kennedy Newlyweds
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier's wedding was as fairytale-esque as real life gets. The ceremony was held on September 12, 1953 in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island and a luxe reception followed with more than 800 guests. But after the celebration, real life began. Here, we share rare photos of the iconic couple during their first year of marriage. Name a more iconic duo; we'll wait.

Mr. And Mrs. Kennedy Leave Church
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Just Married

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy (neé Bouvier) leave the church after their September nuptials.

John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Reception
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The Wedding Reception

Jackie and JFK are surrounded by their family and friends before they cut the cake at during wedding reception. The four-foot-tall cake was baked by William Paul, the head baker for the Plourdes Bakery.

Kennedy Newlyweds
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The newlyweds sit on the lawn of the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

John, Ethel, Jacqueline and Robert Kennedy
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A Family Affair

JFK, Ethel Kennedy, Jackie, and Robert Kennedy (left to right) take a picture while enjoying a day at the beach in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

John F. Kennedy
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Enjoying Down Time

JFK relaxes after the wedding by working on an easel painting. He was already in politics by this point in his life.

jackie kennedy
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A Young Jackie

The future First Lady got a chic pixie haircut after the wedding, further proving her quintessentially refined style.

John F. Kennedy
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Remembering the Big Day

The newly married couple goes through the press photos from their wedding day together.

John Says Goodbye To Jackie
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A Fond Farewell

Husband and wife bid farewell to each other outside of their Georgetown home. Jackie, seen with books in hand, is on her way to attend classes at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

jackie kennedy
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The Family Dog

Jackie gives the couple's dog a quick bath on their outdoor patio.

John F. Kennedy
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The Junior Senator

JFK listens during a meeting in his office in Washington D.C., while representing the state of Massachusetts as a Junior Senator.

jackie kennedy jfk
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All-American Activities

The future President dresses down in sneakers to throw a football with his brother in his backyard. In the foreground, his sister-in-law, Ethel, and Jackie look on.

Mrs. Kennedy At 'April In Paris' Ball
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Society Darling

Jackie walks in a runway show for the annual "April in Paris" Ball.

Former Pres. Harry S. Truman In Boston
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Meeting President Truman

JFK chats with former President Harry Truman at a Boston fundraiser for the Truman Memorial Library in March 1954.

jackie kennedy
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Busy at Home

Jackie is photographed deep in conversation as she takes an important phone call in their shared D.C. home.

jackie kennedy
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Managing Chores

Jackie gets into some housework as she lays out the couple's china set to clean at their duplex in Georgetown.

John And Jackie Kennedy Studying
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A Day at Home

The couple both tend to their own business during a quiet day in their Georgetown home office.

Senator John Kennedy in Ambulance After Operation
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In Sickness and Health

Jackie meets her husband in the ambulance as he is transported from the hospital following a corrective spine surgery in December 1954 due to injuries he endured during World War II.

jackie kennedy jfk
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A Formidable Team

The Junior Senator consults his wife, Jackie, on a matter while they are working out of their Georgetown home.

jackie kennedy
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Out for a Walk

Jackie dresses in a black dress and pearls to take the couple's dog for a walk in Washington D.C.

Baseball Actionw/Senators; Incl. Kennedy
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A Day of Baseball

Senators Kennedy, Mike Mansfield of Montana, and Henry Jackson of Washington spend a weekend afternoon playing baseball together at a local park in D.C.

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An Evening Commute

Jackie picks up her husband from his office after a long day of work.

John F. Kennedy
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Attending Political Events

The Kennedys mingle with fellow politicians at the opening of Congress in 1954.

jackie kennedy jfk
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Weekends at Home

The newlyweds enjoys domestic life as JFK is seen reading in the yard while Jackie tends to their garden.

View of Joseph and Rose Kennedy with Jacqueline Kennedy
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A Family Wedding

Jackie attends the church service for the wedding of Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford with her in-laws in New York City.

Patricia Kennedy Posing with Her Family
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Brother of the Bride

While Jackie sat in the front pew, JFK stood with the bride, his sister Patricia Kennedy, and his father before the ceremony.

jackie kennedy jfk
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Out and About

Jackie and JFK enjoy a stroll outside of the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

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Running Errands

Jackie dresses to impress as she takes the couple's dog to run errands, like stopping at their florist, in Georgetown.

Meet The Press
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Going on Meet the Press

Jackie and Senator JFK appear on Meet the Press in February, 1954. It wasn't his first time on the program and wouldn't be his last either.

jackie kennedy jfk
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Getting Down to Business

The couple spend the evening intently studying in their office at their Georgetown home.

jackie kennedy
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A Clever Pet

Jackie makes the couple's poodle, Gaulie–named after French President Charles De Gaulle–wait outside.

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