If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Don't Show Up to the Coronation, It Would Be a "Fatal, Irreversible Blow" for the Royal Rift: Expert

That sounds about right.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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OK, I'm getting weirdly nervous.

It's almost April, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to RSVP (or at the very least to make their RSVP known publicly) to King Charles III's historic coronation on May 6.

It feels very unrealistic to imagine that at least Prince Harry wouldn't attend—rift or not, it's his literal father's coronation, and the first event of its kind in 71 years.

Even though experts aren't hopeful for a reconciliation, most do believe the Duke of Sussex will be there on the big day.

"In a universe in which the damage already caused by the rift is still recoverable from, at least in part, a no-show would be the fatal, irreversible blow, both in the public perception as well, potentially, as within the family itself," PR expert Edward Coram-James told Express.

"It risks drawing out the conflict over the long term."

Although one might make the argument that it's better for the Sussexes not to attend so that they don't steal the focus of the day, Coram-James doesn't think that this argument holds water.

"The Sussexes not attending would draw as much, if not more, media attention," he said.

"It would give further oxygen to the rift and allegations that the Sussexes have leveled at the Royal Family."

He concluded, "And the shadow of their absence would loom large over the entire ceremony, risking becoming the elephant in the room and an unwanted side show."

By contrast, when the Sussexes attended the Queen's Jubilee last year, the focus was very much not on them, and we have reason to believe the situation would be similar at the coronation.

Translation: It's better—and easier—for everyone if they just go.

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