Resurfaced Video Proves Prince William Was Just as Cheeky as Prince Louis at Age 5

Something about an apple and a tree...?

King Charles and Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee
(Image credit: Photo by Leon Neal / Getty)

Prince Louis won hearts all over the world with his hilarious Platinum Jubilee antics last year, including his panoply of funny faces.

Then, more recently, the young royal was back at it again pulling funny faces and doing some hilarious dance moves with his hands during his family's appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the King's Coronation.

But although Louis has been compared at length to his uncle Prince Harry because of their shared cheekiness, a resurfaced video of his dad Prince William standing in the same spot at the Palace at five years old shows just how much his youngest son takes after him.

The royal fan Instagram account @english_royal_children stitched together a video of Prince Louis dancing around and generally being a five-year-old during the Coronation, and a video of William at the same age being equally restless and pulling faces at the crowd—plus pretending to shoot a bow and arrow.

The caption read, "William and Louis at the same age. five year old princes. Like father like son"

One royal fan commented, "Just when we thought Harry was the royal rebel….Louis said, 'Hold my beer and watch this.' This kid is awesome."

Someone else said, "Love this. They are just being little boys In their own world full of fun and innocence."

And another person wrote, "Love how Prince William is smirking. With all the pressure on their family it’s wonderful to see they allow their children to have fun. He’s five great to see him being 5."

It looks like Louis takes after both parents, with his mom Princess Kate having often joked that he is the only one of her children who looks like her.

Whoever he takes after, Louis sure is one cute kid.

Iris Goldsztajn
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