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Meet ESPN Baseball Analyst Jessica Mendoza

From winning gold at the Olympics to becoming one of the first female MLB commentators, she's no stranger to hitting it out of the park.

20 Cute Office Supplies to Makeover Your Cubicle

Guaranteed to make Mondays feel less soul-crushing.

devil wears prada emily gisele
15 Work Crises Every Twentysomething Understands
Why was it was easier to teach your mother emojis than it was for IT…
lincoln center
This Is The Most Amazing Two-Day Event You Will...
Forever change the way you approach your career, health, and love li…
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13 Words That Undermine Your Authority And Your Intelligence
Strip these from your vocabulary, and reap the professional benefits.
20 Websites Every Girl Should Bookmark

We've rounded up our favorite go-to pages.

office colleagues
5 Ways to Handle a Difficult Colleague
"Shiny, happy people holding hands" — R.E.M.
How to Score a Job at Zappos
When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen.
Going with Your Gut to Get a Promotion
Going with Your Gut to Get a Promotion
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rue la la
How to Score a Job at Rue La La
When the hiring manager is giving you advice, you listen.
Attention Grads: Here's How to Land a Job
The five tips that will help millennials score a paycheck
11 Things I Wish I'd Known About Work in My 20s
I've learned a lot since I failed to negotiate that first salary.
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gilt groupe
aha life
How to Get a Job at
Straight from the CEO's mouth. It doesn't get any better than that.
10 Things I Learned From My First Job
Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.
Secrets to Getting a Job You Love vs. A Job You Need
How to going from just a job with a paycheck to a career with soul.
In a rare interview, Williams-Sonoma Chief Executive Officer Laura Alber, 45, sounds off on how to ace an interview, surviving her toug…
kate bolduan cnn new day
Background Check
Kate Bolduan, the 30-year-old cohost of CNN's New Day, shares her predawn routine, best career advice, and the carb she just can't quit…
The High-Performer's Cheat Sheet
The 10 rarely-discussed-but-totally-essential career skills they don't teach in business schooland expert advice on how to nail them.
The Single Girl's Second Shift
You spend every night at the office, cluttering your desk with takeout containers. Your coworkers with kids are out the door at 5. Does…
washington dc best city for working women
Study: Working Women Win in Washington
The nation's capital has recently been named the U.S.'s best city for working women.