How the Caregiver Crisis Is Preventing Us from Fixing the Pay Gap

Women hold two-thirds of the jobs in the lowest paying fields—and it's keeping us down.

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Please Stop Acting Like We Vote with Our Vaginas
Just because we share an anatomy with Carly Fiorina doesn't mean we're automatic converts—especially in light of her anti-woman policie…
Republicans Think The Gender Pay Gap Is "Okay"
This is why we can't have nice things (like equal pay for equal work, for one.)
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Is This The Way To Mandate Equal Pay?
Oh Canada, you're doing equal pay right.
The Most Important Feminists of All Time
From ancient rulers and authors to pop stars and the teenagers of today, we've narrowed down a list of some of the greatest women in hi…
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The Ten Biggest Supporters of Women's Rights in US Government
Meet your biggest support teamhere are ten politicians working hard to make things better for women today.
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Women CEOs Experience Less Pay Gap
But the climb to the top isn't so easy.
pay gap
6 Surprising Reasons You're Being Paid Less Than a Man
6 Surprising Reasons You're Being Paid Less Than a Man
female construction worker
How Does Your Job Measure Up?
Not every woman is losing out when it comes to her paychecksee what industries are headed towards eliminating the pay gap.
washington dc best city for working women
equal pay
Why We Need to Know Our Coworkers' Salaries
Or at least be protected when we ask about them
francine katz
Meet the Woman Suing Anheuser-Busch Over Equal Pay
A former executive is suing the company over gender discrimination