The Newest 'Riverdale' Trailer Gives Us a First Look at Betty’s Brother

Things are about to get intense.

Riverdale won’t air another episode until January 17, but The CW has released a midseason trailer to hold fans over in the meantime. And in classic Riverdale fashion, there’s plenty of drama in store for the new year.

Most notably, the trailer teases the introduction of Betty’s long-lost brother, Chic Cooper. Betty didn’t even know he existed until the end of the first season, when she finds out that her mother, Alice, gave him up for adoption. Hal Cooper had found out Alice was pregnant when they became homecoming king and queen in high school; Hal wanted her to have an abortion, but Alice decided to check into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to give birth to Chic and give him up for adoption. The trailer shows Alice telling Betty she wants to meet him, then opening a door to see him waiting. It also shows a brief clip of Betty and Alice in a car, crying and embracing.

Chic is played by Hart Denton, a relative Hollywood newcomer who has already posed with his fellow cast members on Instagram and sported Riverdale High attire.

Other key moments to watch in the episode, called "Blackboard Jungle," include Southside High being closed and its students, including Jughead, enrolling at Riverdale. Right off the bat, Principal Weatherbee has to warn Jughead to take off his Serpents jacket or risk suspension. The trailer also shows fights, Veronica scheming and Reggie calling her a “traitor,” and lots of dramatic stares. So in general, a typical episode of Riverdale.

And even though he wasn't referenced in the trailer, we're sure the Black Hood will get a mention in the new episode, especially because his unmasking was so uneventful...

Riverdale returns to The CW Wednesday, January 17 at 8 PM EST.

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