Why I Stopped Wearing a Bra

My breasts don't flop, they don't bounce, and they don't need to be contained.

I can list a thousand reasons why I don't wear bras. They are constricting, the underwire digs into my sides, the tag on the back is always scratching my skin, the feeling of wearing a bra on a hot summer day is like sticking your breasts inside a toaster oven, etc. The list goes on. But all the complaining aside, if I'm being actually honest here, the reason I stopped wearing bras is because my breasts are just really freaking tiny.

I have small breasts. Small as in, "Hmm, have you hit puberty yet?" I mean, they are so tiny that my guy friends joke that their man pecks are bigger. I remember back in middle school when the first girl in our grade got breasts. She was considered weird. My friends and I would laugh at this girl because she had size D's in fourth grade that would flap up and down while she ran during gym kickball. It was cool to be a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee at the time. We wore the title with pride.

But to my surprise, girls in my grade slowly started to get breasts and then all of a sudden, everyone wanted to be chesty and wear fun bras. I remember one time, my best friend in middle school and I had accidentally-on-purpose stumbled across a Playboy magazine, and we pointed out and chose the breasts we wanted to have one day, hoping they would magically appear on our chests. Unfortunately, only one of our wishes came true.

As I got older, I still wasn't too worried about never getting breasts. I thought my time would come. But here I am, 20 years old, and the saleswoman at Victoria's Secret is still telling me I'm a 32A. Not "A" for "Awesome Tits," but "A" for "Absolutely No Tits Whatsoever."

So after coming to terms with the fact I'll never make the cover of Sports Illustrated or be able to hop on the "side-boob" bandwagon, I've actually embraced the small-boob lifestyle and it's pretty awesome.

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I stopped buying bras because there was really no reason for me to be wearing one. My breasts are so tiny that they don't sag and they don't jiggle when I walk. And I refuse to pay $50 for an elaborate push-up bra because 1.) everyone will obviously know that I am wearing a pushup bra, and 2.) if a guy ever got the chance to take it off and see what was actually underneath it, it would be the biggest betrayal in the world. It would be like the time I told my dog we were going to see grandma but instead took him to the doctor to get a thermometer stuck up his butt. Not cool.

When I am not wearing a bra, I am so much more comfortable in my clothes. I think every girl can attest to that amazing feeling you get when you take off your bra after a long day. You just want to run around, be free, and let them flap in the wind. That's me all the time, but minus all the flapping.

Once I stopped wearing bras, I learned how to dress for my body type and I've grown confident in what I look like. I don't need big breasts to feel sexy. Once I stopped obsessing over my cup size, I discovered that my body looks good in cutouts, deep V-necks, and backless tops, things bustier women can't always get away with. Also, I have minimal wardrobe malfunctions such as pesky bra straps sticking out or bra colors showing through my shirt. And of course, I never have to worry about matching my bras and underwear together. If any of you ladies have your life put together enough to match your bras and panties, I applaud you.

I have no problem telling absolutely everyone I know when I am out that I am not wearing a bra. It happens so often that now my friends just reply, "Obviously." And when I don't tell people that I'm not wearing a bra, it's like having a little fun secret that no one else around you knows. "Hehe, I'm half naked and you don't even know it," I'm thinking while everyone's walking around carrying on with their day. But sometimes on the off chance that I do wear a bra, I'll send out Snapchats to best friends letting them know and it becomes my own little version of Kim Kardashian's "Break the Internet." 

So simply, I've stopped wearing a bra because I just don't need to. People can think it is weird or inappropriate, but at the end of the day, I don't need to dress them up, push them up, or tape them up because they are really small and that's okay, because they are all mine. I decided to free myself from the horrible boob constriction we ladies are forced to face and now I am living a happy bra-less life.

Jennifer Meyers