If You Love 'Downton Abbey,' Then This Spoiler Just Ruined Everything


Although U.S. viewers have to wait until January for the final season of Downton Abbey, in the U.K. the show premiered on September 20, which means the spoilers are starting to roll in. The juiciest one so far, however, isn't through a nosy columnist, but through a careless crew member who appears to have forgotten to give one of the show's sets a clean sweep before clearing out. 

SPOILERS AHEAD. You've been warned. This is not a drill, people!

British tablod Express reports that a wedding program was allegedly left behind in a church in Oxfordshire, England, that was used as a set for an episode of the final season. And what were the names of this lucky bride and groom? Edith and Herbert. 

When Season 5 ended, it seemed like Edith had finally settled into her fate as lonely spinster/feminist journalist/secret mother. And we all know from previous episodes that just because there's a wedding doesn't mean there will be a marrriage. 

But given that this is the final season and that Julian Fellowes seems intent on giving his beloved characters  a happy ending, it seems likely that Edith will have her knight in shining armor after all. So, who is the lucky chap? All signs point to Bertie Pelham, who took a shine to Edith in the Christmas episode and who we already know will make an appearance in the final season. 

"They bump into one another when he's down in London. They arrange to meet up but suddenly she has a newspaper to get out! And so in the end, he comes and helps her out and they stay up all night getting the job done," Laure Carmichael, the actress who plays Edith, told UnrealityTV.

While all of that sounds promising, it's just as possible that the program was planted at the church in order to create a flurry of media speculation and get our hopes up for Edith's happiness before dashing them once more. 

Guess we'll just to have to watch and see. 

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