The 'Making a Murderer' Lawyers Are Going on Tour

Please refrain from hurling your underwear at Dean Strang.

Dean Strang
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Can you see it? A venue filled with thousands of screaming fans. Lighters thrust into the air as Dean Strang and Jerry Buting discuss the allegedly tampered evidence box containing Steven Avery's blood. The entire audience reciting along to Strang's famous quote about human flaws in the justice system: "Human endeavors are muddy, they are imperfect by definition, and a chase for the truth in a criminal trial can be vain. Justice, it seems to me, is staying true to the set of principles we have about what we do when confronted with uncertainty about the truth." 

Though they've been underground favorites since the mid-2000s, Strang and Buting have seen mainstream success in the last year with Making a Murderer (opens in new tab), the Netflix documentary series about their legal work with Avery (opens in new tab). Now, with their litigation seeing national acclaim for the first time in a decade, the lawyers are going on their first North American tour. The 26-date tour kicks off on April 16 in Boston and runs through August 21. According to a news release:

The Strang groupies, enamored with his norm core sweaters will be lining up to get tickets when they go on sale on March 4. Still no word if they'll cover the painfully bad hip-hop song (opens in new tab) from the kid related to Avery.

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Matt Miller

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