Blog Crush of the Week: Secret Spineless Whine

Other than Obama, there's nothing that brings us all together as one like a nice bitch-fest. There's always something to whine about, and when your friends are tired of listening to you, get it all out at Secret Spineless Whine.

The ladies behind Secret Spineless Whine make it clear that SSW is not the place to go if you're unloading a secret, so don't get all heavy. You'll know it's a whine if it's "a minor complaint that doesn't quite reach the level of a secret and yet you suspect that if you shared it with your friends or colleagues, they would be annoyed," says SSW.

The recent Secret Spineless Whines we can relate to:

Now if you'll excuse us, we've been meaning to tell someone about the man at the bus station that keeps removing his pants during our morning commute...

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