Every Clue 'The Bachelorette' Luke Parker Might Be the Frontrunner

Shirtless and falling in love at episode 2!?

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Spoilers for episode two of Hannah Brown's The BacheloretteOne of the more divisive Bachelorette contestants, Luke Parker, is getting so much screen time that he's almost doubled the time the other bachelors have had with Hannah Brown. There are some clues, based on the footage we've seen so far, that he's the very clear frontrunner this season. And Hannah is into it, with some reservations, saying she needs him to be real with her. That, and they need to spend more time together, according to her—so I anticipate many more Luke P. dates ahead. No spoilers here, but here's every clue we're getting about Luke's possible future with Miss Alabama herself.

He said he was falling in love.

Um, wow. Episode 2, and Luke is already charging ahead. Not only is he making the other bachelors jealous (and Hannah super hot) with his physique in the tiniest of speedos, but he also used the "talent" portion of his time onstage during the Mr. Right pageant to tell Hannah he was falling in love with her. Twitter was not buying it, and neither was Hannah, fully. She asked him twice if he was being truthful with her, and Luke explained he'd been falling for her since before the season started. Making out happened after both conversations, so I'd say it was a win.

Luke reiterated on Instagram that he went on the show because of her:

And he'd also met Hannah even before The Bachelorette started:

Hannah wants his shirt off, all the time.

Ok, yes, fine, this was all about giving "massages," but Hannah straight up referred to Luke as a "dessert" and said it was "thrilling" to be around him in episode 2. Poor Jed, walking in on what looked like an, uh, intimate moment meant that Hannah had to cut the massages short, but Luke and Hannah very clearly have insane chemistry. And she wants more. I see a one-on-one date in his future—and it bodes well for overnights, too.

He got the first impression rose.

From the very, very, start, Luke was (to use Hannah's word) "bold" with his entrance:

Let's not forget, after this and a little time comforting Hannah after she sent Scott home, he got the first impression rose on night one. First impression recipients especially do well on The Bachelorette, if previous seasons are anything to go by.

Controversial bachelors tend to do well.

Given that previews have the other bachelors calling Luke a "psychopath" and Luke himself screaming at another bachelor, the tension (sexual or otherwise) is only about to get higher from here.

Not everyone in Bachelor Nation is buying it juuuuust yet either:

But when the bachelorette loves a controversial contestant, they tend to stick around. So I foresee lots of angry tweets in the future. Sorry, guys.

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