When Will Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Season Air?

Peter Weber is 'The Bachelor,' and filming for his season is in full swing. The release date is out — here's when the show will make its (triumphant?) return.

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Have you felt a void in your life lately? An emptiness, a longing, a pain in your heart that cannot be assuaged? Me, too. I'm pretty sure it's because we don't have a Bachelor show to watch right now. But, I have good(ish) news. It's been confirmed: We know exactly when to look for Peter Weber's Bachelor season in early 2020. The Delta pilot charmed the pants off Bachelorette Hannah Brown (quite literally, thanks to an overnight that later came to be known simply as The Windmill). Now, 30 women will fight, sometimes literally, to get that same chance. When will we get to see it?

Update, 12/16/19: We have even more details about the January 6, 8 p.m. premiere—and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that so much will be covered. According to ABC, we'll have the intros, first night at the mansion, and the very first rose ceremony (be prepared for lots of windmill jokes, if the trailer is any indication).

We will also have an initial group date—"nine competitive women are put through flight school by special guests, veteran Marine Corps pilot Alisa Johnson and Katie Higgins Cook, the first female pilot in the Navy's elite Blue Angels demonstration squad." (If you've seen spoilery pictures, this is the one where all the women are dressed in flight suits.)

We will also get an initial one-on-one and then a second group date, hosted by not-so-surprise guest Hannah Brown. "She explains to the nine enthusiastic women that they will be revealing their most memorable sex stories and fantasies in front of a live audience." And then we'll probably end on a cliffhanger, thanks to some "drama" about whether Brown will join Weber's season or not. "[W]hat happens when Peter discovers a distraught Hannah backstage? What she shares with him will leave them both as confused as ever. Do the two of them still have feelings for one another and share the same sizzling passion?"

And if spoilers are any indication, that is 0.0001 percent of the drama that's about to unfold this season. See you on January 6!

Update, 12/3/19: So, not only do we now know the premiere date, we also know that it'll be a whopping three hours, thanks to ABC. This is pretty similar to last year; The premiere is usually a huge event, with a live audience, lots of former contestants showing up, and (TBH) a bunch of padding before we get to the actual eliminations. We already know a fair amount about Weber's ladies and some important eliminations this season, but fair warning—spoilers at this link.

The episode will be available to watch the next day on ABC.com—if memory serves, I believe the premiere is actually free to watch, at least for a short time, although TBD on that. So there may be ways to watch even if you don't happen to get ABC where you live or don't happen to have a TV/streaming service. That usually isn't the case for the rest of the season, though—it's just to get you interested in what lies ahead.

Update, 11/18/19: It's been confirmed by ABC that January 6 is the official end to our non-Bachelor sorrow, although we obviously don't have nitty gritty details on what that premiere will look like. I'm guessing Weber's family will make an appearance as well as maybe Hannah (who just won Dancing With the Stars and is most definitely one of ABC's most beloved stars right now)? She also apparently shows up at least once during his season, so I'd be shocked if we didn't at least hear from her.

Filming officially has wrapped—meaning Weber has very likely chosen someone, or at least come to the conclusion of his journey to find "love." As of this writing, that's just a month and a half away, and it'll be a nice reward to getting through the holidays. So mark your calendars now, and get ready. 

We also finally did get a trailer for Weber's season, which (as I expected and have predicted, at length) involves planes, Weber in a suit, and a windmill. I imagine this is the first of one million references to planes, pilots, and windmills, so get ready:

Obviously the show's not giving any details beyond that, but spoilers are indicating that the drama is going to be even more intense than it usually is. I have no idea what that means, but I'm ready.

We're looking at January, as usual.

The show premieres the first Monday of the new year. So in 2020 that'll be January 6. Set your calendars now, people, grab the popcorn and your place on the couch, and let's do this.

The official ABC website just says January 2020, and of course things can change. The show loves to switch up its dates on us without warning so that you always have to keep checking the schedule, but that's not usually the case for the premiere. Part of the changeability is the volatility of the show itself—Colton Underwood's fence jump and quitting the show meant they had to scramble on that season's finale dates and content—part of it has to do with conflicting scheduling. And, I assume, they want the audience to be on their toes and never know what to expect (just like the show itself). So TBD on the finale and After the Final Rose.

The show is in the middle of filming right now.

Weber started filming in mid-September and (should the production schedule stay on track) will finish in mid-November, leaving a month and a half for editing and promotion. Meanwhile, Weber's officially been sworn in (lol) and that's the only bit of "sanctioned" filming we've had thus far:

Along with his official interview with Chris Harrison at the end of Bachelor in Paradise:

And Weber's season has proven to be dramatic. January can't get here soon enough, IMO. 

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