Who Is 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Bennett Jordan?

There's a "donut theory."

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead. 2o20 has been...an interesting year for The Bachelorette (opens in new tab), which might be the understatement of the century. A brief summary: Clare Crawley was cast as The Bachelorette. COVID-19 halted production for a few months, and her contestants went through significant recasting to make more of the men age-appropriate (opens in new tab) (Crawley is 39, and one of the men was only 23). Crawley's season finally began in August—and she made it about three episodes in before she quit the show to (allegedly) be with Dale Moss (opens in new tab), one of her contestants. THEN. Franchise alum Tayshia Adams (30) was asked to come in instead. So now we're speculating about who might be important to Adams' season, not Crawley's. Phew! And Bachelorette spoilers are already highlighting a few men as being particularly relevant to Adams' season, since filming has just finished. We don't know Adams' ending yet, but what we can say is that one bachelor in particular is getting buzz: Bennett Jordan. Who is he and what do we know about him?

Jordan is from Atlanta, GA.

It looks as though Jordan was one of the newer, re-cast contestants for Crawley (opens in new tab)—and Jordan is also an age-appropriate 37, so that checks out. His LinkedIn (opens in new tab) tells us he works for Whitney Partners as a managing director in wealth management, after working with Citibank for several years. Per the company website (opens in new tab), Jordan has a BA in government with a citation in Spanish from Harvard University (ooo, smartie!).

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He's not a prolific social media poster, but he did have a sweet post about his mom loving Empire:

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And his account primarily consists of going to weddings, traveling, and potentially tailgating. Oh and he loves yoga!

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His account...might have some exes on it?

Bennett has pictures of potential wedding dates going back as far as 2012 (opens in new tab). It's not totally clear, but there's this post from 2017 with him and a lady friend, captioned: "We good. #romance101 #caballos":

She shows up a few times on his profile. There's also this, from the previous year:

And here, earlier on his feed


But the last time she appears is in 2017, so if they had a relationship it's probably years old at this point.

There's a "donut theory" about him.

First of all, lol, second of all, I really do love Bachelorette sleuthers because they never disappoint. As spotted by Cosmopolitan (opens in new tab), the gist is that: 1) Jordan got his phone back quite late—going by when he went public on Instagram again—which may mean he's important to Adams' season, 2) he recently went through an Instagram scrub (opens in new tab), unfriending people and deleting a couple posts (he is friends with Dale Moss, interestingly), and 3) his Insta bio mentions donuts...just like Adams posted donuts in her Story recently (as spotted by @bachelor.realitea on Instagram). Coincidence?? Maybe! But—spoilers are indicating he's important in the final rounds of her season. TBD on what that means exactly.

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Also worth noting, contestants have to be so, so careful on their accounts so as not to give anything away, so this might also just be everybody collectively trying to connect the dots on something innocent. TIME WILL TELL.

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