'The Circle' Season 3 Release Schedule

The first few episodes of the new season just dropped.

The Circle
(Image credit: Netflix)

Five months after an engrossing second season, Netflix is gifting social media mavens and skeptics (and those of us who are a bit of both) with new episodes of The Circle. Season 3 of the reality competition premiered September 8, with the streamer dropping four episodes at once. The show is continuing to follow its hybrid binge/weekly release schedule, which gives viewers a chance to discuss the competition over the whole month of September.

For those of you entering The Circle for the first time, the social media competition takes people from all walks of life—from IRL influencers and celebrities to students and corporate workers—and isolates them in their own apartments. The players only communicate through a voice-activated social media platform, and they can either play as themselves or as a catfish under an assumed identity. At the end of the game, the player who avoids getting blocked and gets the highest ranking wins $100,000.

So what's the release schedule for The Circle season 2?

  • Episodes 1-4 release on September 8.
  • Episodes 5-8 release on September 15.
  • Episodes 9-12 release on September 22.
  • The finale, episode 13, releases on September 29.

Season 3 is expected to bring the drama, since the gameplay of each season has gotten more strategic as players do everything they can to win. We're also wondering whether a catfish or a real-identity player will take the crown this year, since the tally is tied with Season 1's Joey and Season 2's Trevor a.k.a. DeLessa. This season can show whether authenticity or fabrication is the name of the game.

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