Game of Thrones Loving Couple Has Greatest Wedding Ever

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With a season finale that drew over seven million viewers, it's safe to say that a lot of people love Game of Thrones. But Colorado couple Robert and Heather Balise takes their love—both for each other and for the hit HBO show—to the next level, with a fantasy-themed wedding. The GoT and Lord of the Rings inspired ceremony took place in a castle (who knew there were castles in Colorado?!), of course. But the theme didn't stop their—the couple departed the ceremony to the tune of the score from "The Hobbit" and a cake with a dragon wrapped around it.

The fantastical theme wasn't just for the happy couple—guests had to wear costumes to the wedding as well. For guests that haven't been turned onto Game of Thrones yet, costume inspiration wasn't limited to the inhabitants of Westeros. Guests turned up dressed as favorites from Harry PotterDr. Who, and Battlestar Galatica, among others. Luckily, the bride said that their friends are fantasy fans too, so everyone enjoyed getting dressed up for the big day. See all the photos from the GoT extravaganza here.

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