Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley Trade Bodies in 'Self/Less' Because Who Wouldn't?

I mean, just look at the shower scenes.

Ryan Reynolds Movie - Self/Less Trailer
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The body-switching in Ryan Reynolds's new movie Self/Less is kind of like that in Freaky Friday, except it's way darker and likely not reversible via a magical earthquake triggered by a mother's love—and it has some rather unpleasant side effects, as you'll see in the trailer.

Extremely Wealthy Man Ben Kingsley fall over at lunch, which makes him decide he needs to transfer his consciousness into a buff, youngish body so he, as one of "humanity's greatest minds," can have more time to fulfill his potential. (This apparently means running in leggings and water-skiing.) Matthew Goode, playing the Mephistopheles character here, didn't warn him about the cold sweats and the hallucinations of his body's past life, though, which doesn't seem ethical at all to me.

Watch the teaser below, and make sure you pay extra attention to the centrifuge, because that was definitely my favorite second-favorite part.

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