How to Deal with Daylight Savings Time

Hey, sorry for the bummer news, but you're losing an hour of sleep tonight.

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"Springing forward" has its pros and its cons: We can hardly wait for longer days and warmer weather, but we're not particularly thrilled about the loss-of-sleep part. So we asked the sleep experts at Casper, a new startup company dedicated to designing smarter, better, more affordable mattresses, for their tips on managing the change.

1. Have your last coffee around 2 PM—or skip it altogether. It takes your body up to 10 hours to get rid of 75% of the caffeine in your system.

2. Download f.lux. The software reduces the blue hues and harsh light coming from your phone and laptop, which not only strain your eyes but inhibit melatonin production, the hormone responsible for sending cues that it's time to go to bed.

3. Turn on the air conditioner. Your thermostat should be somewhere between 60° and 67° F for your best sleep.

4. Add a headboard to the base of your bed. By feng shui logic, it represents stability and support, keeping your stress levels down and helping you feel calm and restful.

5. Forget about counting sheep. Thinking in terms of images—crashing waves on the beach, rain in the forest, pebbles being thrown in the pond—rather than words or numbers is more relaxing for the mind.

6. Check out the Bedtime Calculator. Enter in when you have to wake up and it will give you your ideal times for falling asleep so you don't have to hit the snooze button mid-REM cycle. Speaking of the snooze button...

7. Don't hit snooze. The sleep you get during the 10 or so minutes between the disruptive sounds of your alarm doesn't count for much and leaves you feeling groggier than if you just pushed through the pain of getting up the first time it went off.

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