A Character You Never Thought You'd See Again Is Returning to 'Downton Abbey'

I don't think my heart can take this.

A scene from Downton Abbey
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The promos make it look like Lord Grantham and hangers-on are boarding up that grand old house and setting off for less-expensive pastures, but apparently, it's not "Time to Say Goodbye" for everyone.

According to Digital Spy, Rose Leslie will reprise her role as housemaid Gwen Harding, who left the estate in season one to take a job as a secretary. Of Gwen's post-Downton life we know little, except that she got married two seasons ago and shot Jon Snow with three arrows before being murdered by a child in cold blood.

Rose Leslie mouthing the word "What" in a Downton Abbey scene.

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Oops. Mixed up my shows.

Is she a cool suffragette now? What if she's the Joan Holloway of the telephone company? What if she's the DON of the telephone company? Julian's tying up loose ends at this point, but that we're still so invested in a minor character just shows the lasting emotional power of Downton Abbey. #Downton4lyfe

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