6 Things You Forgot You Loved About 'Bring It On'

Happy Sweet 16, you cinematic gem.

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In today's Things That Will Make You Feel Old and Remind You of Your Mortality, Bring It On—that deliciously quotable celebration of cheerleading, youth, and spirit fingers—turns 16. Here, we revisit the movie's best, most memorable scenes, which might feel gratuitous. But it's the poo—so take a big whiff.

1. The Post-Air-Guitar Co-Brushing Scene

2. "You're Being a Cheer-tator, Torrance"

Torrance: "Courtney, this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy. I'm sorry, but I'm overruling you."

Courtney: "You're being a cheer-tator, Torrance, and a pain in my ass!"

3. "Cheer Sex"

4. Spirit Fingers

5. The "Hey Mickey" Bloopers

6. That *Cheer* (Whichever Version You Prefer)

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