This Iconic Actress Might Play Princess Diana in 'Feud' Season 2

Make it so, Ryan Murphy.

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Ryan Murphy's Feud franchise is the gift that keeps on giving, and the fact that season two is about Princess Diana and Prince Charles is just too much perfection. Of course, everyone's obsessed with who might play the famous pair—and Kathy Bates just dropped a big hint about an iconic Murphy favorite stepping into Lady Di's heels.

While at Palyfest, Bates referred to actress Sarah Paulson as "the people's princess" multiple times—which (in case you didn't know) was a popular nickname for Diana. It's of course possible that Bates was joking, but Paulson certainly looks the part.

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As ET reports, the actress previously joked about playing the Queen Mother in Feud Season 2, saying "I don't think [Murphy's] gonna let me do that. That might be a bridge too far. He might also be like, 'Oh, lady... no!' I could play one of the corgis."

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