Fans Noticed Something Super Weird About Sophie Turner's Name in the 'Game of Thrones' Credits

Take a look at her sigil....

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By now you probably know the opening credits to Game of Thrones by heart. The thing is, a Reddit user discovered a *very* strange error in show's early season credits which deserves further analysis. As you've probably noticed, all the cast have their character's corresponding house sigil by their name. Kit Harington has a wolf, Lena Headey has a lion, etc. But weirdly, Sophie Turner's name used to have a dragon next to it:

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Her sigil has since been changed to a wolf, as you can see in the video below.

This could be a simple mistake, but Game of Thrones is a highly produced show, and it would be truly shocking if they were so careless. Then again, the only other reasonable option is that she's a secret Targaryen, and we already have one of those in the Stark family.

Oh and speaking of sigils, fun nerdy fact: the sigil next to writer Bryan Cogman's name is a vomiting maester—an inside joke about the time he got too drunk at a party and threw up.


Brienne and Tormund

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