'Love Is Blind' Season 6: Everything We Know

Netflix's reality hit has been renewed for two more seasons.

Season 6 of Love is Blind
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Love Is Blind is getting too big to fail. Netflix's most successful unscripted series—about singles who get engaged through a pod wall and decided whether to say "I do" at the altar a month later—has officially been renewed for its sixth and seventh seasons. Despite several scandals, including a disastrous semi-live Season 4 reunion and several allegations of mistreatment by past contestants (which the production company has refuted), the streamer has made it clear that LIB will continue as long as subscribers keep watching—and between the sheer chaos of each season and the constant social media discourse, it's nearly impossible to turn away.

Season 6 is also set to arrive with the shortest break between LIB installments yet, beating even the quick turnaround between seasons 4 and 5. So what new drama does the series have in store? Below, we're keeping track of everything we learn.

When does 'Love Is Blind' season 6 come out?

Netflix has announced that Love Is Blind season 6 will premiere on Wednesday, February 14, 2024—yes, on Valentine's Day—just five months after season 5 debuted on the platform. The news dropped along with an amusing clip showing Nick and Vanessa Lachey shooing an eager camera out of a pod as they (pretend to) construct the set themselves.

The streamer has yet to announce the episode drop schedule, but we're expecting the typical weekly drop format, with batches of episodes arriving each Wednesday for the next four weeks.

Where will 'Love Is Blind' season 6 be set?

The newest season is set in Charlotte, North Carolina, marking a return to the South following previous seasons set in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Houston.

For anyone who's been keeping tabs on possible LIB cities, previous casting calls have been posted on Instagram looking for singles in Washington, D.C.; Detroit, Michigan; Tampa, Florida; Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; Nashville, Tennessee; and Denver, Colorado.

When was 'Love Is Blind' season 6 filmed?

Even though Netflix just confirmed season 6 on December 12, there have been rumors of the upcoming Charlotte-based season on the LIB subreddit for months. One post as far back as April 2023 claims that season 6 had already been filmed, and a commenter added that their friend-of-a-friend went through the casting process for the season in 2022. If this is correct, then it follows the show's tradition of the episodes being released nearly a year after they were filmed.

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