'Love Is Blind' Season 7: Everything We Know

The hit Netflix reality show is coming back—and we already know details about who will be in the pods and the drama set to unfold.

nick lachey and vanessa lachey on love is blind
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Of all the shows in the current, stacked reality TV landscape, Love Is Blind stands out as the biggest phenomenon and the most controversial series that remains a must-watch. Except for genuine delights like Lauren and Cameron and Tiffany and Brett (and arguably Bliss and Zach's first Love Is Blind baby), each season has been more contentious than the last. Season 6, which arrived on Netflix on Valentine's Day 2024, shed hints of a feel-good romance, with dramatic breakups and surprising discourse on generational trauma. Even before last season, its fifth installment led to musings that the "social experiment" is now fully broken. The reality juggernaut is also facing several legal challenges as some former cast members have claimed they experienced poor living and working conditions and were left without adequate mental health support, as well as allegations of sexual assault.

Despite all this, whether Love Is Blind will continue has long been a moot point. In December 2023, Netflix announced the series' renewal for seasons 6 and 7, showing that despite the controversies, the show will continue. Read on for everything we know about the upcoming seventh season so far.

When does 'Love Is Blind' season 7 come out?

Netflix has not announced when Love Is Blind season 7 will arrive on our TV screens, as their summer 2024 reality slate is already packed with Perfect Match season 2 and the return of The Mole. Judging by the streamer's tradition of putting out two LIB seasons per year, we'll hear more about a possible release date in a few months, perhaps toward the end of the summer.

clay and ad in 'love is blind' season 6

Clay and AD during their reveal in Love Is Blind season 6.

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Where will 'Love Is Blind' season 7 be set?

On June 4, Vulture published an extensive look behind the scenes of season 7's filming, which included a surprising amount of spoilers for the usually-secretive show. Per the piece, season 7 will feature singles based in the Washington, D.C. metro area, a long-rumored location among the LIB subreddits.

Per Vulture's Kathryn VanArendonk, who recalls looking in on several pod dates in the piece, "few dates are quickly derailed by politics: A handsome consultant type describes himself as 'a patriot,' and although he can’t see it, the woman across from him winces. 'I hate Ben Shapiro, but I’ve got a good Ben Shapiro impression,' a different guy says." Because first dates aren't hard enough without any political debate.

Who are the cast members in 'Love Is Blind' season 7?

In a remarkable move, the Vulture piece highlights several season 7 contestants, ranging from vague descriptions of personality traits and dates (like the above Ben Shapiro impression) to quotes from some standout cast members. All names were changed for the article, but some moments that still could make it to air include a woman who "talks about conspiracy theories she believes, including that the moon landing was faked;" two sisters who "decide not to talk about their family connection when introducing themselves in the pods," until one man figures it out; and "a woman who has had two disastrous dates in a row [and] breaks down in the lounge." (The sisters, given the monikers Angelina and Emma, reportedly leave the show a week into the pods without getting engaged.)

Vanessa Lachey in the season 6 reunion of Love is Blind.

Vanessa Lachey gets her own pod reveal in the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion.

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The article also includes descriptions of three post-engagement reveals, which have the biggest chance of making it to air among all the piece's anecdotes. There's "Josh and Kayla:" The latter is the only cast member who's yet to say "I love you" at the time, while the former "asked producers beforehand whether they could help him get a prenup." (Per Vulture, they seem excited during the reveal.)

There's "Wyatt and Harper," who "had an emotional connection before they could meet, but their in-person energies are out of sync. She is self-possessed; he is so overwhelmed he’s shaky and stumbling."

The piece also ends with "Chloe and Ethan," who many of the postproduction team members enjoy watching most. "No one seems to think the two are destined for marriage, but they’re entertaining to watch," VanArendonk writes. Sounds like the new season will have plenty of drama to follow.

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