The Prettiest Tights and Socks Combos To Wear This Holiday Season

Because a girl's got to have options.

This time of year is inevitably difficult. The cold weather begins to set in, summer is reduced to a distant memory, and carefully curated outfits become less about expression and more about warmth (that is, for most). And then there's the whole holiday factor. Though I'm absolutely a sucker for a properly basted turkey and my fare share of candied side dishes, my reputation as the "the one who works in fashion from New York" allows for much outfit anxiety.

How to look cool and appropriate—all the while staying toasty—is the issue. And in my humble opinion, tights and socks (with some varying shoe options) are the answer. Here, I've scoped out any and all events you may run into, and what to wear for each.

1. The Office

Human, Leg, Product, Human leg, Joint, Standing, Sock, Style, Knee, Shorts,

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2. The Girls' Night

Human leg, Joint, Fashion, High heels, Foot, Sandal, Beige, Tan, Calf, Close-up,

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3. The Art Opening

Human leg, Joint, Costume accessory, Fashion, High heels, Knee, Sock, Foot, Ankle, Costume,

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4. The Date Night

Footwear, High heels, Fashion, Black, Basic pump, Leather, Foot, Fashion design, Court shoe, Dress shoe,

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5. The Sunday Brunch

Blue, Human leg, White, Style, Pattern, Sock, Fashion, Polka dot, Black, Costume accessory,

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6. The New Year's Party

Human leg, Leather, Fashion design, Foot, Boot,

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7. The Christmas Party

Textile, Red, Plaid, Tartan, Pattern, Costume accessory, Carmine, Sock, Maroon, Christmas,

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8. The Snow Day

Human leg, Style, Costume accessory, Black, Boot, Grey, Sock, Silver, Leather, Synthetic rubber,

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Photo Credit: Kathryn Wirsing