Ultimate Style Crushes: Kate Bosworth and Miroslava Duma

The Ray and the Ro reveal their style crushes, and why they're swoon-worthy.


From Kate to Mary-Kate, from Birkin to Bilson, style crushes are like water to bloggers; we need them to survive. The two ultimate objects of our affection make us swoon, stalk and obsess over their personal styles. For Ray, that style crush is actress, Kate Bosworth, who always remains effortlessly chic, cool and sophisticated. For Ro, it's it-girl and fashion editor, Miroslava Duma, who takes fashion risks without looking over the top.


Why Ray Loves Kate Bosworth: Whenever I'm in a style funk, I can always rely on Ms. Bosworth. I appreciate her innate understanding of timeless yet updated style, her love of Isabel Marant, and her ability to look as flawless on the red carpet as she does in the Coachella desert. To channel Kate's sunny, Californian look, I opt for denim shorts, ankle boots and flirty tops. In the evening I go for fitted blazers, simple dresses, nude heels and a cute shoulder bag to pull the whole outfit together.


Why Ro Loves Miroslava Duma: When you can wear any designer in the world, you better take advantage. Case in point: Mirsolava Duma. The Russian fashion editor knows how to put an outfit together, and showcases her style with high platforms and trusty Prada clutches. I love that she gets playful with her outfits, but is versatile enough to switch between downtown chic and uptown working girl.

Best friends and blogging partners Roberta Oglakchya and Rachel Hurn-Maloney founded The Ray and the Ro to show off stylish looks, share their wishlists, and break down runway fashion.

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