Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol Not Once But Twice In the Same Night

A closer inspection of Meghan Markle's Cirque de Soleil outfit reveals that Meghan is still pushing fashion boundaries and stretching official royal protocol, even as she's entering one of the busiest times of her life.

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Meghan Markle attended Cirque de Soleil last night with husband Prince Harry in support of Harry's Sentebale charity. The glowing mom-to-be was sparkly from head to toe in a navy Roland Mouret gown that paid sweet and fitting tribute to Harry's mom Princess Diana—all the way down to Diana's bracelet, which completed the look. But a closer inspection of her outfit reveals that Meghan is still pushing fashion boundaries and stretching official royal protocol, even as she's entering one of the busiest times of her life.

Behold: Meghan wore dark nail polish on her toes—it looks like navy or black, to match her outfit or shoes—and dark, vibrant plum red lipstick. Royal protocol is generally restricted to light shades, even during super-formal occasions like this one. What's so intriguing here is that Meghan almost never favors dark lipstick in her own life, and we haven't seen her wear such a dark shade since becoming a royal. So this is not only a royal rule that she's broken, but also a personal one. Frankly, I think she looks great, so I think she should do it more often.


We've already seen Meghan break the nail polish protocol before, with burgundy polish on her hands. Last night she wore light polish on her hands as a contrast to her dress and clutch—best not to break all the rules at once, so that makes sense!

Here's a look at the full outfit:

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And a close-up of the nail polish on her toes:

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Meghan did opt for a light pink for her nails, though:

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It's a good thing the Queen thinks royal protocol is all "rubbish"—so the duchess is almost certainly in the clear, whether she breaks royal protocol once, twice, or a dozen times. Okay, maybe not a dozen times.

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