Kate Middleton's $80 Wimbledon Shoes Are Still in Stock

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  • On Sunday, July 14, Kate Middleton attended the Wimbledon Men's Finals with her husband, Prince William.
    • Kate wore a bespoke, baby blue Emilia Wickstead dress for the occasion and looked absolutely breath-taking, as per usual.
      • In addition to the custom designer dress, however, Kate also wore a very affordable pair of beige Aldo heels, which are still in stock and available to purchase, for anything itching to dress like a duchess.

        Dressing like a duchess is always enviable, but not always affordable for us normals. Sometimes, however, a royal wears something that even the commoners can afford and this, my friends, is one of those times.

        Earlier this month, Kate Middleton stepped out for the Wimbledon Men's Finals with her husband, Prince William.

        Pretty much everything about Kate's day at Wimbledon was peak glamour. She sat in the royal box (duh). She wore a gorgeous, totally bespoke, baby blue Emilia Wickstead dress. She was Kate Middleton stepping out in public, so of course it was glamourous.

        But, there was one aspect of Kate's Wimbledon glamour that wasn't so out of reach for the non-royals among us: Her shoes.

        Kate paired that custom designer dress with a pair of $80 heels from Aldo.

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        And here's the truly amazing thing about them: They're magically still in stock.

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        Kate's shoes are Aldo's Nicholes in medium beige and they're still miraculously still available in all sizes (as of this writing, at least—although it's hard to imagine that remaining true for too long, given the known impact of the Kate Middleton effect).

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